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Pacific Foundation Securities Limited ("PFSL") is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the PF Group Holdings Limited (HKEx stock code: 8221). PFSL is licensed by the Hong Kong Securities & Futures Commission to carry out regulated activities: Dealing in Securities (RA1) and Asset Management (RA9).

Long history of establishment with progressive business development

PFSL has established securities brokerage business since 1988 and started providing asset management services business in 2004. In around 2009, the Company set up an online trading system for its securities trading, with a view to allowing its customers to operate their trading activities interactively through PFSL’s online trading system without reliance on our dealing staff so as to let customers benefit from the lower brokerage charges and ease of access to trades.

With a long history of establishment and a progressive business development, PFSL has built an effective operating system and a recognised brand name amongst its customers. The Management believes that PFSL can offer quality services to meet its customer’s needs in a constantly changing financial market.

Solid platform for placing and underwriting business

The Company’s placing and underwriting business can leverage on its extensive securities customer network which comprises institutional investors and retail customers. It also maintains good relationship with other brokerage firms which may provide opportunities to the Company to act as sub-underwriters or sub-placing agents for various new issues and fund-raising exercises in the market. PFSL has also successfully retained several companies listed on the Main Board or GEM or shareholders of companies listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong in its customer base, such that they or their shareholders may consider appointing PFSL as the placing agent, sub-placing agent, underwriter, or sub-underwriter when they require funding activities.

Responsible Officers & Executive Directors


Ms HSIEH Ching Chun (Director)

Mr FOK Yuk Tong (Director)

Mr LEE Ho Leung, William (RO & MD)

Ms TSANG Kong Kit (RO & ED)

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